All of the CRE investments contained in this section, will be structured as limited liability companies. They will hold the title to the individual property or company. The individual investors will invest in and hold their interest in the individual LLC for each property or company in which they have invested.

EcoShield Building Systems, LLC

A manufacturing start-up with the exclusive license for the state of Texas, to manufacture, distribute and utilize a SIP panel for use in building apartments, hotels, office buildings, and single-family homes. This building system may be used in projects developed by Sapient Funding, and it will also be sold to other builders and developers. We are seeking 3M equity capital for this project. There will be no debt and this business is anticipated to be profitable within four months of startup. There are currently a substantial number of builders waiting to utilize the system throughout their developments. We anticipate returning the entire investment capital to the investor within the second year of operation. Projected IRR to the investor at the end of the 3rd year is 61.5%, and by the end of the 5th year 89.9%. By the end of the 5th year of operation, we project that the investor will have received the return of original capital contributed, plus cash flow equal to roughly 5.5 times the original investment.

Highrise in Turtle Creek

The development will be a stand-alone, multi-family condominium development, comprised of 300 residential rental units, complete with upscale tenant amenities, including a full fitness center, a barista hosted tenant lounge, and an elegant resort-style pool. Residents will enjoy elevated ceilings, large master suites, and modern kitchens with large 1, 2 and 3 bedroom floor plan options. The residential tower will include luxurious penthouse plans. This development will be developed in one of the most affluent communities in the DFW area. 

Sapient Fund V

Sapient anticipates raising a fund (Sapient Fund V, LLC) in the amount of 50M, which will serve as the equity for acquiring existing multi-family projects, located in the Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas. Acquiring the equity upfront, will serve to position investors in a favorable negotiating position. We will be seeking properties which have been under managed, needing rehab and remodel, with significant opportunity to raise rents. See attached Summary for more details.


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