All of the investments contained in this section will be structured as limited liability companies (LLC’s) which will hold title to the individual property or company and the individual investors will invest in and hold their interest in the individual LLC for each property or company in which they have invested.

EcoShield Building Systems, LLC

A manufacturing start up with the exclusive license for the State of Texas to manufacture, distribute and utilize a SIP panel for use in building apartments, hotels, office buildings and single family homes. This building system may be used in projects developed by Sapient Funding and it will also be sold to other builders and developers. We are seeking $3,000,000.00 of equity capital for this project. There will be no debt. This business is anticipated to be profitable within four months of start up as we have a substantial number of builder customers lined up. We anticipate returning the entire investment capital to the investor within the second year of operation. Projected IRR to the investor at the end of the 3rd year is 61.5% and by the end of the 5th year 89.9%. By the end of the 5th year of operation we project that the investor will have received the return of it's original capital plus cash flow equal to roughly 5.5 times it's original capital.

Stephens Towne Crossing  

A 428 acre land development consisting of 1,623 single family lots and 193,000 sq ft of retail pad sites located in Sanger, TX. We are breaking sections of STCN into separate offerings (which will be structured as individual investment partnerships/LLCs). Following are the sections (which we call PODS) for which we are currently offering for investment purposes:

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Phase I A & 1 B

Consists of 283 single family lots, 26 acres of commercial pad sites and 15 acres which will be sold and spun off for multi-family development (which Sapient will purchase to develop a 250 unit apartment project which will be described below, more fully as a separate investment opportunity). The equity requirement for this POD is $11,470,000.00 . The projected hold period is approximately 5 years with a projected investor IRR of 24.77% and a projected simple annual rate of return of 24.7%.


Consists of 338 single family lots which are in the process of going under contract with two different builders. The total acreage is 25 ac. The equity capital requirement is $1,780,000.00 which entitles the investor(s) with 20% of the investment POD. We are projecting that the investor will receive the return of its entire investment capital back along with half of their profit during the first year. The balance of profit is projected to be distributed over the remaining two years. The investment time-line is projected to be between 2 1/2-3 years with a projected IRR to the investor of 44% and with an annualized 19% cash on cash return. NOTE: all of the lots will be under contract prior to the investment capital being committed by the investors.

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Consists of 250 class A planned apartment units which will be developed as a stand alone separate investment partnership/LLC apart from the STCN development. Although it will benefit greatly from being adjacent to the commercial development provided by STCN & S which will provide shopping and restaurants within convenient walking distance. Additionally, scenic Lake Ray Roberts is only a few miles to the east which offers fishing and other water sports. The investment time-line is projected to be 5-6 years with a projected investor IRR of 27.35% and a simple annual cash on cash return of 25.6%. The equity requirement is approximately $14,128,319.00 with the balance of the $31,766,000.00 development cost being provided by a development loan.